Lessons from BANG BANG CON: music truly heals, high returns, and community aided by design

Home to pop titans and world renowned boyband BTS, BigHit Entertainment is founded on this mission statement: ‘music and artist for healing’. In a weekend in April, they truly proved their commitment to this message.

Over the course of two days, BigHit aired BTS’ past concerts in an 8 part series. The streaming line up spanned across various points of their career, from their early days (Red Bullet Tour, 2014) to their most recent feat (Love Yourself Tour, 2018). BangBang Con aired in Korea time continuously from Youtube and Weverse (an online platform created by BigHit unique to BTS and their label mates, exclusive for fan-to-artist interaction — think Instagram with just you, your fellow fans and your favourite artist only). In the midst of the unraveling pandemic, this served as the perfect antidote.