Investigating Music Video Culture in K-Pop

A K-Pop music video is known for its distinct aesthetic: highly stylised, larger than life sets and rich in colour — all captured in dynamic camera work. The music video’s role is more than just accompany the title track, but also complete a trifecta that is unique to the genre: visually expand the group’s current concept or theme, showcase the members (both in talent and looks), and most importantly, house their choreography. All is all, it’s there to be pleasing to the eyes, following an underlying rule — visuals first, narrative second.

Blackpink — Lovesick Girls (2020) Dir. Seo Hyunseung…

Home to pop titans and world renowned boyband BTS, BigHit Entertainment is founded on this mission statement: ‘music and artist for healing’. In a weekend in April, they truly proved their commitment to this message.

Over the course of two days, BigHit aired BTS’ past concerts in an 8 part series. The streaming line up spanned across various points of their career, from their early days (Red Bullet Tour, 2014) to their most recent feat (Love Yourself Tour, 2018). BangBang Con aired in Korea time continuously from Youtube and Weverse (an online platform created by BigHit unique to BTS and…

Charlene Louise

As F.R. David once sung, “Words don’t come easy to me” — so here’s me trying. Talking design, film, and pop culture; from east, west and everything in between.

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